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Lightning Ridge
Australian Black Opal

Each stone is unique and beautful

Halleys Comet is a large black opal that was named after the 1986 comet that passed through our skies, the same year the largest black opal from the whole of Lightning Ridge was unearthed. The opal weighs 2,000cts and measures 100 x 66 x 63mm and was even mentioned in the Guinness book of records.  Percy Marks is still the proud owner of this amazing gem however this opal has recently come up for sale and all bids over $500,000.00 will be considered.

Opalguard is based on the outskirts of Tamworth, in the beautiful Peel Valley area of NSW.

We were established in 1989, in a small, eclectic outback town in NSW called Lightning Ridge, 9 hours drive from any major city in Australia.  Each show for us, became a mini holiday being so far away from everythng.


Lightning Ridge is world famous for its magnificent Black Opal, which is Australia's National Gemtone.  It was only fitting that our prefix embraced our roots and our lives as Opal Miners at the time.


Our journey into the world of showing began in 1988 for us with a beautiful Rottweiler called Cesardepasaj Hirshmann aka Clive.  A few months later, we bought our first Bullmastiff Brian, Aust Ch Cambalup Classic Edition and we began showing these two boys together around NSW and beyond, meeting new friends and enjoying our new found hobby.


Opalguard has been well known now for its dedication to the Bullmastiff for the past 25 years.  We were extremely fortunate that we were able to import our foundation bitch, Aust Ch Bobby Dazzler of Graecia (Imp UK)  from the world reknown Graceia Kennels in the UK and her bloodlines still run through the generations of Opalguard Bullmastiffs to this day.


Throughout the years we have been highly successful exhibitors and Breeders of this majestic Breed and have bred numerous Champions both here in Australia and overseas.

Our Bullmastiff bloodlines can be found in the pedigrees of many well-known dogs and have contributed to many Kennels of note throughout the world.  We have bred and shown many Champions as well as Best in Show winnng dogs.

Whilst we have dramatically scaled down the number of Bullmastiffs we own today, we continue to have an active interest in the Breed, in both showing and Breeding.  A Bullmastiff will always be part of the Opalguard family, they are part of our being.


Our interest in the French Bulldog began ten years ago, and has now become our predominant breed, both in the show ring and Breeding.


We are successful breeders and exhibitors , having bred and/or shown French Bulldogs to Champion, Grand Champion, and Supreme Champion Status.


Our French Bulldog foundations lay on what we consider the best bloodlines in the world and we are forever grateful to our friends, Gordon and Ellen Drummond of Glenlee (UK) for entrusting us with their beautiful dogs. 


Our dogs all undergo the recommended health checks before being introduced to our Breeding programs, and puppies are also health screened before going to new homes.

We would like to thank the following overseas Kennels for entrusting us with their beautiful lines over the years.  Graecia (UK), Wyburn (UK), Roamaro (UK),  Glenlee (UK),  Sarabar (UK), Palevyh Buldogov (Rus),  Janoel, (Cze).


Our dogs are part of our family. They are our life, our love, our passion and we wouldn't have it any other way!  

We do not breed often but sometimes have puppies available to suitable homes.


Please click on the puppies link above for more information.

We hope you enjoy your visit with our beautiful dogs.  Please leave your comments in our Guestbook, accessible via the contact tab above.


Nikki & Troy Kenwrick



FRENCH BULLDOG BUYERS BEWARE - It has come to our attention that people have been stealing photos from this website, and using them to try and sell their own puppies.  We have since found out that these puppies are non-exsistent and the people are in fact scammers from overseas. 

A third person has now contacted me saying that there was an Ad for a 12 month old Opalguard girl on the Trading Post with full registration.  This is also a scam, this person lost money on a large deposit that he paid.


These matters have been referred to Scamwatch, with all supporting documentation.


PLEASE NOTE: Opalguard NEVER advertises any puppy or mature dog dog on Facebook, The Trading Post, Gumtree or any other classifieds site.  Opalguard NEVER allows puppies to be sold on main registration, unless the puppy is in joint names with us, therefore making it impossible for people to re-sell puppies or dogs without our consent.  Please contact us if you see an Opalguard puppy or dog for sale on a classifieds site on the internet.

ALL OPALGUARD PUPPIES are sold on the condition that they are to be returned to us, if for whatever reason, their owners can no longer keep them.